Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Experience: Sexually awakened

Wow…what pleasure!
After a long hesitation and discussion, we took the step to meet René. How did we get there?

Let me introduce:
We are Masha and Erik, 45 and 47 years old. We come from the South of the Netherlands. I work in the corporate world and we have been together for 25 years. We will soon be married for 20 years and have had two daughters and one son during these years.

I (Masha) was brought up in a protected environment and I was given certain norms and values that made that Erik had to put a lot of effort to get into a relationship with me. Erik was my first true boyfriend. As the daughter of a divorced mother, I unconsciously picked up a lot from my mother’s distrust of men.

In the sexual field, things didn’t at all go smoothly; Erik has had to put in a lot of work for this. I was hesitant, didn’t dare. Eventually we also got into a sexual relationship, but all the steps that were taken were made with great difficulty. In the years that followed we enjoyed having sex, but everything remained very difficult. Erik had to fight for every change or idea. I was always thoroughly indulged, having sex three to four times a week, with sessions of an hour and a half to two hours.

In the end, after the birth of our oldest child, it all went much easier, but I never managed to come. We’ve done everything: watch porn, soft SM, webcam, sexy lingerie, Kamasutrabeurs, you name it. All this not just to come but also for fun.

We always enjoyed ourselves, but I had a little brake and that little brake just stayed there. No matter what we did, I couldn’t come, even if I masturbated. After the birth of our second child, Erik had started to make contact with another couple, but as soon as he discussed it with me, I closed down and he didn’t get any further. He didn’t do this for himself but wanted to help me to enjoy even more and try to come, because according to Erik I had simply put up a barrier through my upbringing that prevented me from relaxing and coming.

After the birth of our youngest child, I was more relaxed, I could enjoy it more and Erik came up with the idea to go to a swingers club. This was not appreciated by me either. Despite all this opposition from me, with sex of course being an important part of a relationship, we have continued to love each other and have never dated anyone else.

Erik spent a lot of time talking about what was bothering me and what could help. He was, and still is, convinced that not being able to enjoy sex is a blockage that can be overcome.

Two years ago, after a lot of research on the internet, Erik came up with the idea of going to a gigolo. Erik reads a lot and is curious and became convinced that having sex with another man could be therapeutic. Sex, 100% for the sake of sex, excitement, pleasure and not having to think about relationships, children, doing the dishes, etc. A kind of reset button for me.

Of course this again was non-negotiable, and I not too long ago told Erik to stop. Erik, however, persisted and increasingly used the fantasy of another man during sex. In my head I absolutely didn’t want it, but my body started to respond more and more: sweating, hard nipples and even the admission on my part that it was nice as a fantasy. I would never actually do it, though.

Until Erik came up with the site of René. René has a beautiful site, seemed like an honest person and not a macho type. The first contact was made, but as far as I was concerned, that’s all. However, Erik regularly brought up this idea again and slowly but surely something started to stimulate me. Every now and then I would check the site and read the comments of women. This guy must be very special.

After one year, yes that’s how long it really took to take the step, I surprised Erik on a Sunday morning during having sex with the remark that I wanted to make an appointment with René. Well you get it, Erik was completely confused, was shocked by it, but didn’t let a day go by and the same day I contacted René by e-mail. The e-mail immediately contained my doubts, because of course I still had them. We received a very neat e-mail back and beautiful pictures. The choice was entirely up to me, but we quickly made an appointment before I changed my mind again.

In the next period, there was one month between making an appointment and actually doing it, we prepared ourselves well, as René had also advised.

We regularly had conversations about what we were going to do, what it meant for Erik, whether our relationship would continue to go well after this. Also preparing to go into it positively. This meant buying a nice dress, going to the hairdresser, painting my nails, shaving myself intimate in advance. And of course book a hotel near René to really be away from home and to keep it easier to separate from our ‘normal’ life. We have had regular e-mail contact with René with questions and we always received a nice answer to that. I had nothing to worry about, it would be a few hours of fun, with Erik’s permission. I had to relax and let myself be pampered, I didn’t have to do anything, just enjoy myself… and Erik and I would still love each other just as much, if not more, after this.

René guaranteed in no way to be a threat to our marriage. Well, that’s quite a statement, of course. Would that be the case, or would our relationship deteriorate because of this?

And then the time had come. In the morning we had already left on time to make it a pleasant day and relax for the exciting hours in the evening. After we checked in at the hotel, we went shopping in town and had a nice dinner early in the afternoon, talking things over and then go back to the hotel room.

I was so nervous, and Eric as well! I had been sighing all afternoon and it was only getting worse, shall we cancel?

And there was the knock at the door. Erik opened the door and René came in. A neat, well-groomed man who greeted us calmly. No macho type, no pushy. First we drank a cup of coffee and we talked a bit. Small talk, but then about what we were going to do.

René quickly put me at ease and suggested that he should start with the massage. First I lay on my stomach, in my lingerie and René, still dressed in boxer shorts, massaged me in a blissful way from head to toe, which slowly but surely relaxed me. I could just feel the tension draining from my body. At one point René asked if it was okay to take off my lingerie and I agreed with that. I was completely naked now and René also stroked my buttocks and thighs.

Erik was sitting in a chair, watching, I found this quite difficult, and I sometimes got the feeling of, “is this going well”. At a certain moment René asked me to lie on my back and he invited Erik to sit/lie on the bed next to me.

The massage became increasingly erotic and René did not miss a spot. How long he has been doing this I’ve had no idea of, but it was very nice and it got more and more intimate.

René asked in a whisper if he could put his fingers in my pussy, and that was fine with me. I had become extremely horny and was, to my own surprise, hungry for more. René massaged my vagina until I suddenly started to moan and cramp and squirt. It squirted out and René kept on stimulating the spot in my vagina and I kept squirting.

After that I started to cry and I was totally lost, exhausted! Erik caressed me and reassured me, it was also quite an experience for him to see me respond in this way to another man.

René now kept a little distance so Erik and I could be together for a while. When I had calmed down a bit I wanted to continue, yes, I got a taste for it now and I just wanted to have sex with René. But also with Erik and René together. This was because René took the steps calmly and with respect, so that I trusted him and wanted to go one step further. After a while, René bent over me and whispered in my ear if it was okay if he penetrated me. To my own surprise I said yes, Erik lay next to me, kissed me and looked into my eyes lovingly when René entered me so that I could let it in in complete confidence. After that, Erik took some distance so that René could take possession of me completely. It was heavenly, delicious and unforgettable the way he made love to me.

I let everything overwhelm me and I really enjoyed this togetherness. Immediately something had changed with me, it was pure horniness, a different but nice feeling inside, reactions of muscles, and that urge to squirt again and again. I was told afterwards how much noise I had made.

René was loving and involved, but still kept a certain distance so that I didn’t get the feeling that he was standing between Erik and me. René showed Erik what he has to do to make me squirt….that would be practiced a lot.

Then it was over. After another short chat, we said goodbye with a kiss on the cheek. Erik and I layed on the bed again to recover. Then we took a bath with a bottle of champagne to enjoy and continued making love in bed. We immediately practiced squirting, which worked right away. I was still very aroused and just couldn’t get enough. Erik just had to touch me and I wanted again.

After half a night of sex and a soaking wet bed from all the squirting, we woke up in the morning and all started over again.

During the breakfast in bed Erik had arranged, I suddenly became very emotional again and burst into tears. Now it arose from fear: what have I done, is it all right, all that kinds of uncertainty. On the other hand, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops: great, I want to go again right away, I like it! It was all so double! And that while it felt very good. Erik hadn’t found it annoying either, but enjoyed watching and participating. In addition, he continuously told me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me.

I enjoyed making love with René, I enjoyed his body and of course my own body as well.

I have not kissed René and I have not touched him as much as I would like. I wasn’t sure how far I could go and wanted to take Erik’s feelings into account. So even now I was still too busy with my mind, something that is often the problem with me and that may also be the reason why I couldn’t come all those years…

After this, we returned to everyday life, back to Planet Earth. On the way home we held hands as if we were in love again. And just like René had said, it does feel like we love each other even more than we already did.

Our sex life has improved a lot. I learned to enjoy sex for sex’s sake, to let go and to let go without shame. Although at home with three children around us, we have to be a little more discreet. This experience is a fantastic beautiful addition to our lives and definitely worth repeating.

And as I e-mailed to René: I enjoy, we enjoy, we have enjoyed, we still enjoy…