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Whether you have experienced something in life that has robbed you of your self-confidence, you want to regain the sexual energy that has been lost over time, or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to an unforgettable experience for body, mind and soul…

You can app, text, email or call me, my contact details can be found at the bottom of this page. Overcome your curiosity!


So put on your naughty shoes! Texting back and forth together for a bit feels nice and can be an exciting first step on the road to a date. You don’t have to decide just yet whether it will eventually come to this. But do you opt for the thrill and fun of something new? Or will it be a night like any other…

We can arrange an appointment at your home or in a hotel. Wherever we meet, it is important that it is somewhere where I can let you relax and enjoy yourself in peace and without time pressure. 

Sex is something very intimate and during our date we are close both physically and emotionally. You can trust that I will treat you with respect, love and warmth during our time together. I strive to give you the pleasure you are looking for.


In addition to single ladies, I also get requests from couples who find it very exciting to invite me over for night of playful, naughty fun.

Having a threesome with a second man is a fantasy for almost every woman. A fantasy that can become reality with me! Men also find it very arousing watching their partner having a good time with another man.

However, my experience is that booking me as a ‘surprise’ for the partner often ends in disappointment or shock. An important condition that I therefore impose in advance is that both the man and the woman of the couple support the decision to hire me.

I am 100% straight and in a threesome I am only intimate with the woman. I have no difficulties with the closeness of the man and his participation in relation to his partner though.
*Filming and taking photos is not negotiable*


At least 80% of women fantasize about passion and sensuality with a another man, or long for a wonderful boyfriend experience.

These fantasies and desires are normal and quite healthy. However, translating all this into reality will often cause a lot of hassle, and extramarital love affairs usually do not end well.

Some reasons to meet with me are that:

  • you can enjoy an uncomplicated date with no hassle afterwards
  • you don’t have to worry about jealous or possessive lovers
  • you don’t need to fear being caught by partners or relatives
  • you don’t have to be afraid to run into people you know
  • you will be safe from gossip and exposure

Therefore choose a safe solution and enjoy eroticism and a good time with me, Gigolo René. Your secret!!


Combine your visit to Amsterdam or to the Netherlands with a few unforgettable, wonderful and exciting hours. Discretion is guaranteed, and of course you can also rest assured that I will never cold call or email you. What happens between us, stays between us!

It is also good to mention that making an appointment with a gigolo is legal in the Netherlands, unlike many other countries.


An appointment with me lasts about three hours and my rate is €300 all-in. This amount includes all necessities, travel and parking costs.

For information or to make an appointment, I can be reached by telephone, WhatsApp or text message on +31 6 138 765 14 or by email to info@gigolo-rene.nl or info@geniet.info

After our first contact I will send you a few photos of myself.
With love René

Enjoy Gigolo René’s male escort service at home or in a hotel in the Netherlands in e.g. Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Almere, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Breda or Haarlem.