Encounter eroticism with one of the most experienced suitors of the Netherlands, like you have never experienced it before

Male Escort

So you are curious and looking for a GIGOLO…? Welcome to my website!


My name is René. I am a single, 45 years old male with no children. I am good looking and I take good care of myself. I work as a consultant.

I am well mannered, have sense of humor and am sociabel. I measure 1,78 m, weigh 74 kg, am in good physical shape and my dental situation is well taken care of. My skin color is white, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. I don’t wear a mustache and/or beard and I don’t have tattoos and/or piercings. I do not smoke or drink alcohol and I don’t do drugs. I am healthy and fit.

Together with my ex-girlfriend, I for 10 years visited swingers clubs in the Netherlands as well as abroad. The experience in love making and the compliments I received from the ladies on behalf of my love making-skills, now give me the courage to say that I am one of the most experienced gigolos in the Netherlands. Because of these positive reviews, my ex-girlfriend encouraged me to share my skills and experience.

I am not a director or manager type. I am certainly not a player. I am rather gentle and sweet, and it gives me great satisfaction indulging you. Try before you die and experience how great love-making and eroticism can be.


An appointment with me has a duration of 3 to 4 hours and costs €300,- all in.  This amount includes travel and parking expenses, massage oil, condoms and all other necessities.


On our date we physically and emotionally come very close to each other. You can be sure that I will treat you with respect, love and warmth. I satisfy you as you want to be satisfied. I solely practice safe sex and take condoms with me when we meet. I am only intimate with women, not men. I am 100% heterosexual.

I get tested for STDs and HIV at the GGD (Dutch public health care organization) twice a year. These tests always turned out negative.
Regarding Covid, my vaccinations and boosters are up to date.

Next to single ladies, also couples often find it very exciting to invite me over for a playful and naughty night. Having a threesome with a second man is a fantasy for almost any sane woman. A fantasy that can become reality with me. Men also find it very exciting watching their partner having a good time with another man. In a threesome I am only intimate with the woman. I don’t have difficulty with the -regarding his partner- participation and closeness of the man.
—Taking pictures or film is not negotiable—

You can call, text or email me if you wish to make an appointment.


An appointment with a gigolo is legal in the Netherlands, unlike in lots of other countries.

Good to know: I will never call or email you unsolicited. I am 100% discrete. What happens in the Netherlands…………stays in the Netherlands!

You can call or text me on +31 6 138 765 14 or send an e-mail to info@gigolo-rene.nl

Kind regards,