Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Dutch online women’s magazine ‘Sharna.nl’

The original article ‘Een gigolo op bezoek‘, from the Dutch online magazine ‘Oer digitaal vrouwenblad’, nowadays also known as a blog, ‘sharna.nl’. can be read here. The translated text of the article is written out below.
Text: René and Editors | Image: Flori Bets

A gigolo visiting

When typing the word Gigolo on the internet, you will see Renés website among the companies that have quite a few gigolos in their files. René is an independently working gigolo who can be booked via mobile number or email. We at Oer Digital Women’s Magazine called René, and had the following conversation with him.

Can you tell us about yourself?
I am a 38 year old white male with a college degree.

Do your friends and family know you’re a gigolo?
No, there is quite a taboo on this work. We live in a modern country, but this is still a bridge too far for us to share.

Are you in a relationship?
No. I can imagine that a partner may have problems with my job. If I were to start a new relationship, I would tell her that I work as a gigolo. If she wants me to stop, I will.

What kind of women book you?
It’s a cross-section of Dutch society, highly and less educated. I think the number of singles among highly educated people is higher, but I do not receive more calls or emails from this group. The women who hire me are sometimes divorced, sometimes single, but they are also women with a partner. Occasionally I get calls from couples.

What is the ethnic background of the women?
Ninety-five percent is of so-called native origin. The other five percent are of South American, Antillean, Surinamese Creole and Surinamese Hindustani origin.

And the couples?
They are also mainly of native origin.

What is the age of the women you visit?
The age ranges from early twenties to over fifty. The average age is around thirty-five years old.

Can’t these young women easily just get a one-night stand?
That’s not actually the problem, but they don’t want to pick up a man in a bar, they don’t feel comfortable with that. They dread the possible aftermath of such contact and they feel that they would be better served with me.

What age are the couples who contact you?
Couples are typically between thirty-five and fifty-five years old.

What do you charge for your visit?
I charge €300 plus travel expenses for both an individual and a couple.

Who can spare this amount?
Women with a lower income usually cannot afford this on a monthly basis, but they also hire me. Most of the couples that book me have a higher income.

Do you have a regular group of women you visit?
A small number of women I visit once every four to six weeks. Most women I visit two or three times a year.

What about couples?
There is a small group I visit an average of three times a year.

How long is a visit?
A visit usually lasts about four hours and after a drink – or in my case a coffee – we start with a massage. First a relaxation massage, followed by an erotic massage, after which we become intimate and have sex. We then take a short break after which we are intimate again, which sometimes even happens a third time. When I’m booked by a couple, I start by being intimate with the woman, with the man watching. Later we have a threesome.

How do you come to an appointment with a woman?
I don’t get called often, contact is usually made via email. Prior to a date, there are several e-mail contacts about wishes, price and date. Thirty percent of women and couples send a photo beforehand.

Has it ever happened that a customer physically repelled you?
I’ve never experienced that and I see beauty in every woman. Big or skinny, it doesn’t matter to me. In general, the women who contact me are people who, like me, value hygiene and civility. I do receive vulgar e-mails from time to time, but I don’t respond to them.

What I once experienced with a couple was that the man displayed derogatory behavior towards his partner. I can’t handle that very well and a second appointment was therefore not an option for me.

Do you kiss with your clients?
I let that depend on them, but I have no problem with it.

What is your position on safe sex?
I only practice safe sex and always use condoms. I also get tested annually for STDs.

Have you ever experienced that women or couples had certain sexual desires that you did not want to comply with?
No, that has not happened yet, but if it does happen, I will immediately indicate that I am not interested in that.

Why do you do this work?
Many women experience little or no pleasure in sex at all. I like to give them that pleasure and I like to do my part to make it possible. Many of them also have problems with intimacy, often due to their experiences in life, sometimes due to a relationship. This has created blockages and they hope that these will be resolved through me.

How frequently do you do this work?
I have two dates a week and I do this in addition to a regular job.

Why are you independently working?
I am a gigolo for fun and therefore do not want to be tied to an agency.

Are you in contact with other gigolos?
No, I don’t know anyone who also does this job as well.